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Jeremy seems a true gentleman and a really nice guy. I'd of liked to met him myself.
The interview was the perfect ending to the blog.


Yeah, that was a great conclusion. Kudos to Coon for being such a good sport.


Agreed. An excellent end to the blog - and the rivalry.


As one of the people who has asked Jeremy, "what's with Beat Jeremy Coon", thanks for the great final interview.

Michael A

Congrats on concluding the 'beat jeremy coon' experiment! Its been a good ride and (besides actually beating JC) this entry was the best way to finish it.


Wonderful ending... see you soon Mr South.

Alienated Wannabe

I just stumbled upon your blog and killed several minutes reading a few of the entries. I must say that I have come away from the experience a fan of both Jeremy Coon and Rhys Southan. I wish both of you the greatest success.

I am particularly impressed with your courage, Rhys. You lay it all out there, humorously, authentically, painfully, beautifully. God bless you. I hope that you will continue to put yourself out there. You just need one break, and it can come from anywhere.

I pray that it will come sooner rather than later. But, if not, I hope that you will find joy in the journey -- even with all the pathos -- because in the end, that is the best any of us can hope for anyway. Right?


Haha, I just read this. Can we get an update? Have you beat this jerk yet?

PS he sounds really nice; is he still single?

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