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wait, i don't think i'm ready for this... well, it's been a great ride.

if you really think about it, your blog alone has quadruple the laughs and life lessons that Napoleon Dynamite will never ever have. You've enlightened and inspired so many people. You're the father of the new generation of BeatJeremyCoons. Most people cannot even accomplish weekly goals, but you've stuck with this for two years! Your tenacity (and good looks) will get you places.

thanks, that was fun.

Michael A

So no follow up, post-reunion missive? I want to hear how it went! Perhaps Les and I will have to take you out to a veggie restuarant and you can spill the beans (and tell us how it went)


I didnt realize how sad it would be to see this quest come to an end. Ah well. Another 10 years and you can start a Beat Grace Chen blog (or BJC part deux if his career has regained traction).


This blog has been greater than anything Jeremy Coon has ever done.


Well? Bring on the interview already!!

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OK, it seems like there are lots of BHS '97 grads in NYC- how about a BHSNYC reunion, since Michael and I missed the big one? Who's in?

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Never got the high school reunion thing, myself. Then again, I sort of stopped going after freshman year, so...oh well.

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